Budget Weddings For Dummies

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Product Description
Don’t let ‘white blindness’ drive you into debt! Make your wedding everything you want it to be on the budget you determine. Are you planning a wedding, but worried about how much money you’ll have to spend? In today’s tough economic times, planning a budget wedding is more important than ever. This fun, money-saving guide is packed with tips for planning the wedding of your dreams without breaking your bank account! Inside you’ll find tons of ti… More >>

Budget Weddings For Dummies


3 Responses to “Budget Weddings For Dummies”
  1. I really enjoyed this book! Many of us know how expensive putting on a wedding can be and this book has so many good ideas on how to cut those costs, I wish it had come out before my wedding! However, having attended the author’s budget wedding, I know these suggestions truly can result in a beautiful ceremony. I never would have known they were on a tight budget, having personally seen how well they stretched their dollars.

    The book is full of tips for saving money on everything involved in a wedding and there is a great chapter on how to establish a budget and stick to it. I highly recommend this book.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. K. Marino says:

    I wish I had this book three months ago when I first began planning my wedding. Although some of my plans are set in stone, this book has given me some fantastic ideas to complete my planning…without spending a fortune!

    This is a must read for anyone getting ready to plan their dream wedding!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Highly recommended book for anyone getting ready to plan a wedding – a must read for those looking for budget weddings or even moderate pricing. Great ideas and tips!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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