Some Quick And Simple Wedding Reception Ideas

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If weddings are long ceremonial drags, then receptions are the much needed boost and exhilaration. Wedding receptions are the couples way of thanking their friends and family for supporting the union and ceremony. And while every couple wants a great one, the parties can get quite expensive. Here are some quick and simple wedding reception ideas that won’t break the bank.

Finding a cheap venue to hold the reception in is often the best way to save money on the event. High school gyms and local rec centers usually rent out fairly cheap. Free locations are even better so if a friend has a beautiful and large backyard, take full advantage of it and save your money for your other wedding reception ideas.

Once a location is locked down, decorating it can be done cheaply but nicely. Going with a color theme is a simple way to accomplish this. Table clothes and flowers in the same color will create an elegant space for little money. If you want, you could even match the bridesmaids dresses to the flowers or balloons as well.

Light is another way to personalize a rented space. If the reception is outside, place lanterns in the trees and along the fences. The created light, especially once it starts to get dark will make for a very warm and relaxing environment. Just be sure to use non-flammable materials, the last thing you need on your wedding day is a visit from the fire department.

For indoor wedding reception ideas, the same tactic can be used. With large candles at every table and the lights dimmed, the room will feel relaxed and special without having spent an arm and a leg. Outdoor holiday lights could even be strung across the room as well. If the reception includes a dance floor, be sure to hang lights over it as well.

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