Quick And Affordable Wedding Favors Ideas

September 8, 2010 by  
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A wedding is an exciting time in the life of a family; however, much is involved and they will soon realize how all the little costs can add up quickly. Wedding favors is one simple area where one can cut costs so that they are still able to fund other details of the wedding. Here are a few wedding favors ideas to help one achieve just that.

Sweets for the sweet: Who doesn’t love candy? This is a popular choice for wedding favors and everyone will appreciate it and enjoy it. The really unique thing about candy is the way that one chooses to present it. There are a million inexpensive ways to give candy that will make it perfect for the occasion, or one could even order custom M&Ms in wedding colors.

Those who are into edible favors can also choose to make their own homemade treats to give away. These are sure to be a hit and can be quite affordable, although they will take a little time and careful preparation. Things such as cookies or chocolate covered caramel apples are hot treats sure to please and can be great wedding favors ideas.

Trinkets are also popular for this necessity. Bubbles, bottle stoppers, tiny picture frames, magnets, or other small items can often be purchased in bulk and even personalized with ribbon or stickers.

Candles will give a guest something to enjoy at home later while also giving them something to remember the wedding by. A small votive and glass holder can be a cost efficient choice that anyone will be able to enjoy and obtain several hours of delight from.

Other wedding favors ideas include flower or herb seeds can be an eco-friendly wedding favor choice and something that will keep blessing guests for months or years to come. You could even choose a packet of flower seeds that features flowers the same color as the wedding.