Wedding Planning – Catering and Drinks

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Top wedding planner Susanna Richardson explains how to choose the best food and drinks for your wedding including advice on budget and themes.


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    bump the wedding planner. I have been to enough wedding to know what i want at my wedding. I will do it all alone …. well with my mother of course

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    some girls dream about this day since they are very very young!! 🙂

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    why not just have a nice party with your frends and a nice Meal and something a little more simple?

    now now i know that girls are relly focused on this but woddent it be better to go on a Trip to Hawai or Europe or something like that for 2 weeks and have a simple Wedding

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    wedding ceramonies have become too over-emphasised in Western countries……..forget the expense and hassle…’s the vows that count

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