Disney Wedding Planning pt1

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Disney Wedding Planning part one.


10 Responses to “Disney Wedding Planning pt1”
  1. VmkKali says:

    Is working with the disney company to plan your special day something thats “simple” or were they difficult to work with? Ive always dreamed of having a wedding at disney =]

  2. AshandMartdotcom says:

    Hi! I am also planning to have a Disney wedding. I saw your wedding and it was sooo Nice!! I had a question about the planning process. I live in Virginia and when i begin to talk to the planner would i need to go down to Florida ahead of time to plan it or just days before the wedding? my wedding is 9 months from now and i want to have an idea before i actually call the planner.

  3. disneybride says:

    there is NOTHING cost effective about a Disney wedding. depending on the day of the week you choose, there’s a minimum you need to spend and everything adds up “ala-carte.” it’s alot, but it’s worth it!

  4. meritalong says:

    Husband and I are thinking of having the ceremony we never had for our 10th Anniversary… its still a good bit off but we’re already planning. Our 6th is coming this January 2nd…so we still have 4 years to plan.
    We want a Disney wedding. Any helpful pointers on making it the most cost effective? Or anything else for that matter.

  5. disneybride says:

    Our wedding was Feb 23, 2008. We didn’t use a Disney photographer, cuz then they own your pix. I’m a graphic designer & know how to photoshop any pix i need to so we hired an Orlando photographer (Artistic Mind’s Eye) who made a custom package for me: all day shooting and discs at the end of it with all images. we ended up with about 3500 shots.

  6. bbbblazin2802 says:

    Also, hahaha sorry to harass, who did you have for photography? Did you use them? I am going with Randy Chapman

  7. bbbblazin2802 says:

    I am so happy to hear that she’s great! I just talked to her for the first time today! Our wedding is January 5, 2009!!!! Your vids are gonna convince my fiance that we NEED a planning session hahhaa. We did a site visit in December so he’s like, COME ON hahhaa. I am so glad Carol is great though! Thanks for posting these videos!!! When was the wedding?

  8. disneybride says:

    Carol is FUCKING AWESOME!!! we had apps/cocktails outside & sit down dinner in ballroom. then dessert party at Epcot.

  9. bbbblazin2802 says:

    Nevermind, asked too soon it is Carol. How was she?

  10. bbbblazin2802 says:

    Hi! Who was your planner? I was just assigned Carol, sounded like her but not sure. I am using the same locations… did you eat outside? That’s my plan

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