The Joys of Wedding Planning

September 8, 2010 by  
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Wedding planning… yeah, it’s like that.


25 Responses to “The Joys of Wedding Planning”
  1. saffyre00 says:

    Haha great vid 🙂 you guys are so happy together now! xD

  2. WildRoseTransformer says:


    I have no idea how he kept a straight face, I was dying at the computer!

  3. MUSICFREAK633 says:

    He’s like stfu and then he starts lol!

  4. JJJjoyce says:

    @JasonSmallMovies cuz he agreed

  5. witchgirl73 says:

    Are u serious

  6. betertaker says:

    hang in there lol

  7. westbelfastguy0 says:

    that scared THE FUKING HELL OUTTA ME cuz i had earphones in and the volume turned up a teensy weensie wee bit loud and i did not expect dat thumbs up if dis happened to you and for cory keeping a staright face all the way through dat screaming

  8. DjSplash123 says:

    awesome day! my birth day 😀

  9. karianne430 says:

    I love his face the whole time

  10. Ochipso says:

    O_o omg you guys married on my birthday!

  11. smileitsme0827 says:

    You scream the same way: into a pillow. Totally meant to be. My best wishes for you guys. =D

  12. buddycute1 says:

    i want 2 stuff u in a box

  13. SkwisgaarBabe says:

    she’s so lucky

  14. Coronia100 says:

    what were u guys screaming about?

  15. linkinparkrocker44 says:

    @JasonSmallMovies He must be really good at poker.

  16. cynderdrag says:

    you just sat there like i would.that makes me so happy!then you went crazy afterwards!totaly me!

  17. wolfhunter901 says:

    you guys got married two days before my birthday!

  18. TooBusyToBreathe says:

    @JasonSmallMovies Multiple takes

  19. courtneyxduncan247 says:

    I played this video like around 3 am under my friends pillow when she was sleeping…. It wasn’t pretty…. She hit me with her pillow and I landed on the floor…let’s just that my butt still hurts…. (P.S: I did this like a week ago…. )

  20. bakonfreek says:

    two freakouts, funny…and stuff

  21. guitarmanXK68 says:

    @JasonSmallMovies cuz he is like that

  22. boa479 says:

    *calping* have a great marrige you two….and your wedding was on the day of my birthday 😀

  23. fisherconnell says:

    you got married 2 days before my birthday

  24. SusSell says:

    hahahahahahahaaha SHE SCARED ME!!

  25. Xelyk123 says:

    Good heavens! If she is screaming into the pillow and is still that loud, I can only imagine how shockingly loud it would be without the pillow O.o I’m kind of scared though thinking that that will be me when my turn comes in the future, I HOPE you guys make it through the storm alright D:

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