Wedding Planning Tips : Steps to Planning a Wedding

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The first few steps to planning a wedding are to establish a budget, find a location and set the date. Start interviewing vendors for photography, catering and music with advice from a professional event coordinator in this free video on wedding planning. Expert: Courtney Arnold Contact: Bio: Courtney Arnold is the owner of Stellar Events and is a professional planner with eight years in the industry. Filmmaker: Rendered Communications


25 Responses to “Wedding Planning Tips : Steps to Planning a Wedding”
  1. gusto1978 says:

    @7jshelto its youtube honey off course ur the one sure,… u r..

  2. 7jshelto says:

    @gusto1978 rofl im the one restricting the money not him. so no its not always the husband worried about money.

  3. KanameShito says:

    @MusiicLuuver what is poor to you >?

  4. gusto1978 says:

    @raminho22 $15000 or more

  5. gusto1978 says:

    when it comes to the steps of planning a wedding, first thing u gona want to do is determine ur budget. Tha’s the one thing everyone is afraid of??? No honey only the Husbands fear the budget not u girls, so it’s not everyone It’s the Husbands! NOT WIVES NOT NO ONE ELSE, JUST THE HUSBANDS i just thought of pointing that out since the vid started all wrong lmao

  6. METALJOHN8055 says:

    Good advise for those of you planning a wedding. I offer GREAT rates for weddings by the way…

  7. MusiicLuuver says:

    @nielsjoklein actually 10 000 is like a minimum.
    my cousins wedding was like 30 000
    thats like average.
    its a wedding not a party.
    you only do weddings once in your life, and thats it. so you would probably spend your life savings pretty much.. unless your poor.

  8. melnandz says:

    This video was such a tremendous help! thank you so much! 😀

  9. imakhileshverma says:

    hi, Great video, specially for wedding moment.
    i like most

  10. BranchesNJ says:

    These are some great tips! Prioritizing is key in planning, let us help you live the wedding of your dreams with our catering expertise!

  11. nielsjoklein says:

    Ladies like in this vid: you think that this is the way to do things, but it is just one way of looking at the world. Of course your wedding should be special, but special is NOT bought with money. Special is a quality that comes from your heart. It doesn’t have to be a big display of how fortunate you are, it doesn’t have to be this tremendous ego-trip. We earthlings have to stop caring so much about these superficialities, and WAKE UP!

  12. nielsjoklein says:

    TEN F*CK*N THOUSAND DOLLARS? AND THEN FEEL LIKE IT IS NOT ENOUGH???? STOP IT! STOP IT! Idiots! 80% of people do not EVER have a proper meal, they are strugling to keep their children alive and they will never own a car or a house. If you think you are somebody by spending an tremendous amount of money on a stupid party, then you just have no heart. Just treat people to a small picknick and ask them to give their gift for your wedding to warchild or another good cause.

  13. scrappymamas says:

    if your in the NYC area and need a professional Makeup Artist for your special day visit: oriettalevadotcom

  14. raminho22 says:

    what is the average cost for a wedding of 200 people?/ anyone have an idea?

  15. TheJelau says:

    she’s pretty 🙂

  16. GoinBack2Naija says:

    chadsexitonthat is soo possible too just go to the thrift store, use pencil and paper for decoration (o yeah steal it from public school/library), Food? Go to community events, steal left overs or just make your own food. Hahhaha and that’s under 30 dollars, my friend. 🙂

  17. Lookdownhereiam says:

    The most important thing to me is the food, I picture steak, crab legs, all the good stuff. The guests WILL NOT CARE (I assume) about the low budget decorations or maybe the not so high end location if the food is awesome. how much might this cost for say, 50 people?

  18. Lookdownhereiam says:

    It’s hard for me to figure out the budget. I have $5000 saved up so far but the wedding is in November 2010. I am sure I can save another $5000 + by then…but do I want to spend $10,000 for my wedding? Oy…I am having trouble with this.

  19. chadsexinton says:

    I wanna spend 1 dollar only.

  20. chicksr4chicks says:

    this is awesome cuz someday im gonna be a wedding planner

  21. iluvamedic says:

    yeah and where are normal working stiffs like me and my fiance supposed to just cough up 10 grand

  22. bogdanredlight says:

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  23. tiana8718 says:

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  24. EdLA2478 says:

    You should have at least $10,000 to spend on your wedding at a minimum.

  25. pinkkitten981 says:

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